Climate change, human-caused disasters, humanitarian conflicts, resource constraints, environmental degradation, and social inequality are some of the environmental problems we face today. The problem is increasingly complex so it takes a solution that involves various disciplines in order to get a more comprehensive solution.

Comprehensive execution will be obtained from various expertise supported by scientific studies and valid data. Environmental problems are not solved only in one sense only (for example from a mere economic point of view), but must be viewed from various disciplines. Master’s and Doctoral graduates from the University of Environmental Science (SIL) University of Indonesia wish to share knowledge in an association or association. Based on these considerations, the graduates of Master and Doctoral of SIL Environmental Science School (SIL) Universitas Indonesia initiated the establishment of a gathering of environmental experts under the name of Indonesian Environmental Scientist Association (IESA).

As a next step, the first IESA Congress will be held to equalize the Aim and Mission and the adoption of the Articles of Association/Bylaws (AD/ART). The first IESA Congress was held on Saturday, March 18, 2017.