Deed of IESA

Indonesian Environmental Scientists Association or IESA is a group of individuals who have environmental expertise and share common vision, mission, and goals in terms of education, research, and community service and professional development in the field of environmental science.

Establishment of IESA to support the implementation of educational activities, research, and community service in the field of environment in order to maintain the sustainability of human life and the environment. The number of members of IESA as of December 2017 is 81 (eighty one) Master of Environmental Science and 68 (sixty eight) Doctor of Environmental Science. Active Members as Teachers, Researchers, Civil Servants, Consultants, and Employers.

To be able to perform activities related to civil law, an association for legalization of a legal entity from the Minister of Law and Human Rights. Currently, IESA is a legal entity as an association established by Notary Deed No. 1 dated July 11, 2016. IESA’s premises are located at Campus UI Salemba – Building C (FKG) on 5th and 6th floors.

Notary Act number 01 Date July 11, 2016

Legal: Indonesian Environmental Scientists Association