Environmentally Friendly Carts; a Solution for Sustainable Energy

The Indonesian Environmental Scientists Association (IESA) together with representatives of the DKI Jakarta Regional Research Council in December 2019 received a presentation by Jihwan Shin, a student from the Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS). Jihwan Shin presented about Environmentally Friendly Carts for Street Vendors. The environmentally friendly technology is a prototype made using solar energy as a source of electricity. The aim is to meet the merchant’s electricity needs.

According to Jihwan Shin, traders have been using limited electrical energy. In addition, some traders also use portable batteries at a considerable cost and are very dangerous if used when it rains. With solar panels that work throughout the day to save energy, Jihwan hopes that all the problems or costs caused by this can be lost.
In addition to solar electricity, the cart designed by Jihwan also has a small camera on the front. Through this camera, traders can monitor obstacles or obstacles from the monitor or screen. In addition, monitors or screens can also function to promote merchandise. This technology he claims will reduce the risk of cart accidents caused by vehicles or others.

The results of this work received appreciation from the Indonesian Environmental Scientists Association (IESA) as an innovation of the nation’s people for sustainable energy. Continuing to work Jihwan, IESA awaits great works from other young generations.

Red: Wezia Berkademi

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